Foam Products Corporation is one the world's largest producers of acoustical underlayments for laminate flooring. Our premium product, The Eco Ultimate Silencer™, is the finest acoustical underlayment for floating, glue down, and nail down laminate, solid hardwood, engineered wood, and bamboo flooring available in today's marketplace. One underlayment for ALL installation methods. Other products, Ultra Touch – a premium quality polyurethane residential carpet cushion and Dynathane® – a high density polyurethane commercial/hospitality carpet cushion are making a strong presence in today's soft surface flooring market. FPC also produces an array of shoe insoles, laundry press pads, and non skid foam pads for area rugs, shelf liners, seat cushions, mouse pads, and many other uses.

Our foams are used around the world in hundreds of different applications by many of the leading manufacturers.